June 15, 2008

Silverbacks to host Pachuca in front of ZERO fans

I know what you're going to say.

"You never have anything positive to say."

Whatever. At this point, I really don't care. I'm so frustrated at this EPIC FAIL of a franchise called the Atlanta Silverbacks.

After spending half my day driving around this town and a week and a half waiting for them to become available online, there's no other words to describe how I feel.

So if someone can tell me where I can go, either in person (besides the Silverbacks office) or online to get tickets for the Pachuca game, please point me in the right direction.

Because this team is guilty of false advertising, not only on their website but in the press releases they sent out to numerous publications, including this week's Mundo Hispanico.

Now, from what I understand, according to this news release on their own website, tickets for not only the Pachuca game but also the Independiente and Olimpia friendlies went on sale to the general public on Friday, June 6.

Shoe had mentioned that he wanted to go to the Pachuca game, so I agreed that I'd pick us up a pair of tickets. I didn't have the money for them at the time, and I was afraid this game would sell out quickly, seeing as that last year's Cruz Azul game was absolutely packed and that Pachuca has been the most successful Mexican team over the past 3 years.


Or so I thought.

I have been checking TicketLatino, the website the aforementioned press release directs you to, since the announcement of the games so that I could make sure there would be an Internet sale. I'll admit, I've become accustomed to buying all my tickets online these days, be them Braves tickets or tickets to the numerous 311 shows I'll be attending this summer.

Well, as of 12:29 a.m. on Sunday, June 15 when I'm typing this, there's nothing anywhere on the website directing you to buy tickets to any of these games.

No sweat, I thought. Just a minor inconvenience. I gathered that I'd actually have to go somewhere and buy them, just like in the old days when ECB and I waited in line at Turtles to buy Page/Plant tickets. (Talk about win, that show pwned all. Floor seats at the Omni, WOOHOO!)

So today I had the afternoon off, and I figured that well, since I was going to Marca Personal to look around, I might as well hop around the corner to DiscoLandia and pick up the tickets.

Side note: Seeing as that Marca Personal is now the official merchandise home for the Silverbacks, I'd check out the store to see what they had. Surprise, surprise, NOTHING.

So I hop into the DiscoLandia on Chamblee Dunwoody, one of the 12 Atlanta-area locations that the press release directs you to, and surprise, surprise, the saleswoman has no idea what I'm talking about.

Now, it's not like I'm some naive gringo walking in there. I asked in both English and Spanish and she had no idea of what I was talking about.

Okay, no biggie. I'll go to the bigger DiscoLandia at Plaza Fiesta, a few miles down Buford Highway.

This time, I was told "check back next week."

Seeing as the game is to be played on July 9, I'm kind of wondering how late it'll be before I can go buy tickets anywhere.

And unless you're a complete moran or have been living under a rock, gas isn't cheap these days. I venture inside the perimeter maybe once a week now, so a trip like this is an oddity these days.

And for everyone who comes here to criticize me, here's something to chew on: As soon as the game was announced, I told all the Mexicans that I work with and they all showed an interest in going. They all wanted to know when the game was, where they could buy tickets and how much they'd cost. I told them everything that was in the press release, and NOW WHO LOOKS LIKE THE FOOL????????????

So please, somebody. Give me a link. Somewhere I can buy tickets online. Or maybe tell me which DiscoLandias are selling tickets. Cause by the time I'm done driving around town I probably won't have any money left to buy these damn things.

I WANT TO GO TO THIS GAME. It just seems like the Silverbacks don't want me or anyone else in this town to.


Chris said...

For Pachuca, Independiente, or Olimpia tickets, please call 404-969-4924 or click here for more information. Si quiere boletos para las partidos de 2008 contra Pachuca, Independiente, u Olimpia, por favor llame a 404-969-4921 o va aqui para más información.

Longshoe said...

Unfortunately, the "click here" doesn't work.

Also, I think the point was that the stores that were supposed to have tickets don't have them yet. I think more tix will be sold at those stores than over the phone.

Anonymous said...

Did you squirrels ever find any tickets? I doubt if it is a sellout. Just walk up and get one. Not many Caucasians will be attending anyway. None of the regulars will be there. This match is only for the likes of you guys.