May 7, 2008

What have I missed?

It's been a while, sorry for that. Real life caught up to me for a bit, and Bakery had to stop production. We're back now though, here's some new sprinkles for y'all...
  • I woke up and saw that Columbus had the best record in the league. I thought I was having a nightmare. It's true though, the Crew are playing the best soccer in MLS right now. It'll be interesting to see how long this keeps up.
  • DC finally got its sponsorship deal done, they'll be sporting the Volkswagen logo on their jerseys Thursday night against Chicago. Maybe the VW will bring some luck, or at least some consistency. DCU looked great against RSL at RFK, then horrible in Colorado. It might really be time to bring back Hristo to knock some sense into these guys.
  • Can we get an ankle transplant for Ben Olsen? Please?!?
  • Beckham had 2 goals against RSL last weekend, too bad his defense is one of the worst in pro soccer. Galaxy games are must watch TV because of the insanity.
  • Seattle still has the Silverbacks' number, winning 2-0 at the RE/MAX over the weekend. What is it about those guys?
  • Atlanta FC won its season opener over Rocket City United 2-1, with 2 goals in the second half to come from behind. They're preparing for US Open Cup qualifying later this month in Jacksonville.
What else have I missed? Fill me in on the comments...

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The Manly Ferry said...

I can think of no better way to catch you up (on MLS anyway) then to lay bare the observations of The Collective Mind as to where all 14 teams stand today.