May 14, 2008


In Edmonton, at least. The Vancouver Whitecaps beat Beckham's Galaxy 2-1 in Edmonton last night. 37,000+ showed up to see it, not too shabby for a Tuesday night.

Alan Gordon keeps scoring goals, as he got one off a Beckham cross. Eduardo Sebrango and Nicholas Adderly scored for the Whitecaps to get the win.

Now, let's see how Open Cup goes this year...


Anonymous said...

USL Teams that will go deep into the US open cup are Carolina(because of their defense), Charleston(severly upgraded roster) and Atlanta(if they can turn soft goal McIntosh around). Seattle has been disappointing as has Rochester. Portland will bomb out as usual. Minnesota really looks good as they have also upgraded their roster.

Anonymous said...

Since the Silverbacks have the lowest player budget in USL1 that will be surprising to me if they advance very far. Anything over last place in the league will be over achieving.

Longshoe said...

Anybody who tells you that the Silverbacks have the lowest player budget in USL1 is wrong.

Unless everybody else has started spending a whole lot of money all of the sudden, they're probably in the middle of the league. I know they were in '06, and I don't think they've cut back drastically since then.

My guess is Montreal, Seattle, and Portland are at the top. Atlanta slots in behind them, along with Carolina and Vancouver. Who knows with Rochester, but I'd guess it's fairly low this season. Minnesota is towards the bottom, and Charleston and Miami aren't a whole lot higher.

Anonymous said...

No, I think you're wrong. The budget was cut drastically this year. Why do think PDL players were signed to professional contracts? They are working with a USL2 budget this year. Minnesota got a lot of money this year with the new owners.

Longshoe said...

If it was cut, it happened in the offseason because they were higher up the totem pole in '06 and '07.

How drastic was the cut if they brought in so many guys from out of town (Monteiro, Kirby, etc.)? Signing Parrish was a good move, he was a standout on the PDL squad last year. The other late signings seem to have been to fill out the roster, and deal with the injuries that hit the squad early in the season.

I don't know how many guys they dropped that had big salaries. Antoniuk and Millwood are the two main ones that come to mind. I'd think some of the out of towners and MLS castoffs are at least close to those 2 in salary.

If things have changed that drastically in the last offseason, I'd be surprised. It might be a little lower, but I hope it's not USL2 level.

I know Minnesota has some more money to play with, but have they started using it yet? Who have they brought in for substantial money?

Anonymous said...

If you look at the Silverbacks roster closely, you see a small budget team. They have four PDL players, three USL2 players and some MLS reserve players. The first line guys are ok but when the injuries start piling up there are no quality backups.

Longshoe said...

True, but isn't that the story of American soccer? It's the same in MLS. I don't think there's really anybody in USL1 who has quality depth.

I know Montreal was at the high end of salaries in USL1, over $1M per year. Rochester used to be, but look where that got them. The Silverbacks were recently in the $500K per year range, not sure where they're at now.