April 13, 2008

Donkey of the Week

We have more than a few candidates for Donkey of the Week for week 3 of the MLS season...

* Shea Salinas: I really like this kid, but what a miss late in the SJ-CHI game...
* DC United: 4-0??!!?? To Salt Lake??!!??
* Jose Carvallo: He didn't get any help from the rest of the team, but Carvallo didn't exactly impress in his MLS debut.
* Greg Vanney: A sample of the Galaxy fanbase's thoughts on Vanney's play against Toronto is included as Exhibit A. (Thanks Hushx of BigSoccer!)

My pick has to be Vanney, especially after Cunningham abused him on the winning goal.


Anonymous said...

Is DCU just tired (mentally)right now? What is your take on the upcoming Canadian competition with Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Can Toronto beat those teams?

Longshoe said...

I think they are tired both physically and mentally right now. I'm sure the loss to Pachuca took a lot out of them. Combine that with resting a bunch of players, the lack of chemistry on the field already, and playing a bunch of games in a short period of time, and you get results like that. Still though, it's never fun to sit through a game like that, no matter what the excuses are.

Re: Canada
I'm really interested to see how these games turn out. Montreal has a payroll in the vicinity of MLS teams and will be out to win. Toronto has more talent, especially now with Robert and Guevara. Vancouver is a step behind both of them, but then they went out and beat Montreal in the season opener, so who knows? It should be real competitive. I don't think it's a lock that Toronto will win it.