March 4, 2008

Who's running the show in LA-LA land?

Oh yeah, it's this guy.

The Galaxy waived Kelly Gray, Kyle Martino, and Celestine Babayaro on Monday to become salary cap compliant. They just signed Babayaro, and he's only appeared for the Gals in the FC Seoul match on the Asian Tour. Great return on your signing there Alexi, well done!

It was also brilliant for a team with serious salary cap issues to trade a serviceable Generation adidas player for a six-figure aging defender.

What a train wreck...


Martek said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Alexi Lalas is like the guy you love to be against in any fantasy league. You just hover around, wait and at just the right moment, you can pick his pocket. He'll never see you coming and still won;t know he's been fleeced after the deal has gone down. But everyone else in the league knows and will not say a word, just waiting for it to be their turn to go shopping.

Poor, poor Becksie.

fadedtoblack said...

...and with every horrible LA move, San Jose Earthquakes fans smile a little wider! :D