March 18, 2008

"There's a time and place for everything, and that place is Jamaica"

Harbour View visits RFK Stadium for game two of their CONCACAF Champions' Cup quarterfinal with DC United. HVFC will be without their Chef for tonight's game because he was denied a visa by the US government. Oh yeah, they'll also be missing their top striker and another player who featured in last week's game. That might hurt.

DC looked good for around 40-50 minutes last week, and looked really tired for the rest of it. Hopefully, their fitness has improved a bit by this week. We'll see...

Jaime Moreno is out for United after his pulled hamstring in Jamaica. I liked the effort of El Enano, Franco Neill, in his stead and will be happy to see him again. If he gets a goal, that might be the winner of the 2008 Longshoe DC United Jersey contest. I'm still trying to decide who will replace my personalized Josh Gros jersey.

I don't mind McTavish starting on the right win, especially since HVFC's strength seemed to be coming from the wings. However, I do want to see Santino Quaranta get into this game. I thought we needed him last week because the attack seriously sputtered out right after halftime. I think he could've put more pressure on HVFC and kept them out of DC's half for 40+ minutes.

Let's see if the improved fitness can help Gallardo lead the team to some goals. Maybe Emilio will show up as well, I don't remember much of anything out of him last week.

I'm not really expecting it to be pretty, but I have confidence in DC pulling out what they need to advance.

DC 1, Harbour View 0

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