March 17, 2008

How can anyone hate this guy?

I remember reading about this in his autobiography and thought it was pretty cool that someone that big and famous would remember a family he stayed with as a kid on a soccer tournament. Well, the Daily Mirror was able to reunite David Beckham with the Texas family he stayed with when he was 13 and playing in a Texas youth soccer tournament.

Read about it here and here.

(HT: Sideline Views)


Anonymous said...

we love David beckham.

L.B. said...

Hey man, did you guys and the Brewhouse survive the storm?

Longshoe said...

Yeah, ECB and I were about 5 miles from the worst of it. There were some lofts that collapsed pretty close to here. Luckily for us, the tornado jumped south a little bit after hitting the Dome area.

Thanks for thinking of us! The Bakery is still open.