February 16, 2008

One piper piping

Chicago is a bit screwed at the moment. Wilman Conde, who played very well for the Fire down the stretch last season, is asking out of his contract so he can go to New York. I guess Osorio is like the pied piper, eh?

From Conde's note to the Fire fans...

As you may recall, it was through Juan Carlos Osorio that I came to MLS, and the Chicago Fire particularly.

As I said before, the Chicago Fire is a great institution but my interests and desires are no longer with this team.


It is a difficult situation but it is my desire to pursue my career with the New York Red Bulls starting this season.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

I'm not so sure they're going to have much understanding Wilman, lo siento. That's a pretty crappy move, especially this late in the process. How do they replace you on such late notice?


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