November 2, 2007

Hello, I'm Bobby Boswell and I might need to rethink my priorities

I think some people aren't too happy with me these days. Coach Soehn said something about this a couple of months ago, but I blew him off because I had another party to plan and some pictures to upload. Maybe I should get my focus back on soccer...

I go from scoring against Chelsea as a rookie, earning time with the national team, winning Defender of the Year last season, and playing in Copa America to losing my starting spot this year. I screwed up big time last night, Troy was yelling at me after both goals. I even got subbed out in the second half. What happened to me?

Some of the fans were yelling something about San Jose when I was walking off the field, I didn't get that. Is there a party out there I should go to? Let me Google it...

Oh wait, they were talking about the expansion draft. I better start apologizing, FAST.

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