October 4, 2007

Sprinkles: Paint It, Black

Columbus: Glidden is on board as the Crew's jersey sponsor. It's apparently a four year deal, but the dollar figures haven't been released.

New York: Claudio Reyna isn't making the trip to Toronto for tonight's ESPN2 game. Shocker! Honestly, my mind is so blown that I don't know if I can continue...

Oh wait, this has already happened a bunch this year. Never mind.

Seattle: Rumors are flying about Seattle making a 2008 MLS debut, not 2009. I just don't buy it. I think MLS will want to get another city ready so they can get back to an even number next year (with San Jose), and then add 2 in 2009 (Seattle and ???). I do like the rumor here about the kits being green (I would assume blue would be a secondary color), it would at least be something different in MLS. The Sounders have worn green in the recent past (2005, I believe).

Los Angeles: OMG, BECKS TRAINED YESTERDAY!!! The LA Times is reporting that he hopes to play again this season.

Dallas: The Hoops left Denilson off the gameday roster for the Open Cup final last night. Is it time to say adios?

Milan: While Celtic security is a disgrace for allowing a fan to get onto the field and that close to a player, Dida should be suspended for his pathetic acting. We all know what he was trying to do, get the result overturned due to a fan's interference. Dida, meet Roberto Rojas, you two might be able to trade stories soon.

Here's a link that includes a video of the sorry scene, in case you missed it.

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