October 26, 2007

My apologies and Saturday picks...

One game into the MLS Playoffs and it looks like I'm carrying the torch for the boys from Atlanta at this point. I must apologize for the piss-poor performance of my contemporaries, as the boys from Center Holds It have a cumulative edge of 3-2 on points after Chicago's 1-0 victory.

Frankly, last night was filled with piss-poor performances all around. Blanco, D.C. United and my fellow bakers made the first night of the 2007 MLS Playoffs less than memorable.

Hopefully tomorrow night will bring more points from yours truly and Shoe and ECB can get on the scoreboard.

Here goes with my picks:

New York 2-2 New England - The score last time at Giants Stadium, so I'm sticking with it.

Houston 1-0 FC Dallas - I really don't like Dallas and don't think they can do much. Let's just hope the Dynamo can find the back of the net.

And now what you've all been waiting for:

Kansas City 2-0 Chivas USA - I haven't been convinced of Chivas USA's offense since Razov went down with an injury. And this is a safe pick for me. Why? Because, I'll be happy with a Chivas USA victory or even a draw. By making this pick, I'll be a little happy with a Wizards win. I WIN ALL AROUND!

Doesn't look like we'll be up at the Brewhouse tomorrow night, we'll probably have the TV and dual laptops with all 3 games going at The Bakery. Beer will probably be involved. I just don't want to get tempted by that damn Golden Tee machine.

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Anonymous said...

Good call..... because after next Saturday you won't be seeing that Tee party for quite awhile.