October 21, 2007

I think I love John Thorrington...

I really didn't care who won today, I just wanted SOMEONE to win. A win by either team and Chivas USA avoided the Fire in the playoffs. And along comes Mr. Thorrington to ruin a spectacular day for Joe Cannon.

A few thoughts:

1. I'd be rather upset if I was a Galaxy fan. Roberts was manhandled by Dasan Robinson and didn't get a PK. If he's not fouled, he scores the go-ahead goal. No doubt about it.

2. Matt Pickens is a little bitch. What a season for this douche, from nearly inciting a riot in Toronto, to conveniently moving his hands out of the way to give Moreno and D.C. a gift point, to this crap today, whining about colliding with Buddle. Yeah, you got a bloody lip. So what? The ref called a foul, what do you want him to do, let you elbow Buddle in the head to make things even?

3. Deservedly so, Chicago is in the playoffs. This Galaxy team shouldn't have made it. Today they showed why they would have easily been the worst of the final 8.

4. As Ives Galarcep pointed out in his live blog of the game, Thorrington's goal makes things harder for them. Have fun against D.C. guys. Although I know Shoe and every other DCU fan isn't happy about seeing the Fire.

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Longshoe said...

I despise John Thorrington. First off, I was hoping the Gals could sneak their way into the playoffs. The hype for a SuperClasico quarterfinal series would be off the charts. However, it was not to be...

Then, I was at least looking forward to DC playing the Wiz. I was just starting to block out the awful 4-2 loss to KC at RFK this season when Thorrington scored.

Unfortunately, I can't block out the even more awful 4-0 thrashing at RFK the Fire laid on United in '05. Chicago has scared me ever since Cuau showed up, and they were the team I did not want to see in the playoffs.

John Thorrington, I hate you.