October 7, 2007

Handicapping the MLS Races

Don't look now, but there's only two weeks left in the MLS regular season.

Five of the eight playoff spots have been secured, with two all but clinched.

Real Salt Lake and Toronto have been eliminated from playoff contention, leaving four teams fighting for the last playoff spot.

1. Chicago - 36 points, two games left (at D.C., vs. L.A.)
2. Colorado - 34 points, two games left (at Chivas, at RSL)
3. Columbus - 31 points, two games left (at N.E., at D.C.)
4. Los Angeles - 30 points, three games left (vs. Toronto, vs. New York, at Chicago)

First, Columbus is done. Sorry guys, but the blueprints that Sigi had at the beginning of the season didn't quite work. Sigi vigorously ate them last night after the Crew fell 3-1 to Dallas.

The 8th spot is Chicago's to lose. If they get a result next week at D.C., they should be in.
Colorado can lay claim to the final spot with two wins, but I just can't see them going into the HDC and beating Chivas.
L.A. has won four straight but needs to keep it going if they want any chance. They should beat Toronto, then will need a win against a decent New York team.

Here's to hoping the October 21 match between Chicago and L.A. means something. You just know MLS will do basically anything to get Beckham in the playoffs, especially if that means screwing Temoc and El Fuego.

The race for the Supporter's Shield is just as close, but after Sunday it's a two-team race.

1. D.C. United - 54 points, two games left (vs. Chicago, vs. Columbus)
2. Chivas USA - 51 points, three games left (at Dallas, vs. Colorado, vs. Houston)

The first tiebreaker is goal differential, and D.C. currently is +23 to Chivas' +19.
If D.C. wins out (as expected), then it's going to be difficult for Chivas. The Goats will have to win out (not out of the question) and do it decidedly.

Me thinks that D.C. has this pretty much wrapped up. If I were Chivas, I would concentrate on winning the West first. The match against Houston on the 20th could be for the conference title.


Jefa said...

Is there anything that Sigi HASN'T eaten lately?!? The sideline profile shot was everything but flattering. Even U12 Rec "daddy" coaches (heck, "granddaddy" coaches too for that matter) would be embarassed by a physique like that.

C'mon Sigi - get in shape! Call Nutrisystem or something.

Longshoe said...

My picks:

DC for the Supporters' Shield.
Chicago for the 8th playoff slot, after defeating the Gals and Becks in the last game of the year.
Sigi for gastric bypass surgery.