September 9, 2007

USL Playoff Picture

Here's what we know going into the final day of the USL First Division regular season:

All eight playoff spots have been secured, with Carolina taking the last spot Saturday.

Four of the eight spots have been determined:

Montreal - 3rd
Atlanta - 4th
Rochester - 5th
Carolina - 8th

Portland and Seattle each play tomorrow with the top spot up for grabs.
Seattle is a point up and controls its destiny - a win and the Sounders win the regular season title.
A win or a loss and Portland has a chance to take the top seed.

Puerto Rico and Vancouver are in but are battling for the sixth seed.
The Islanders are two points up, but Vancouver has one more match - at home vs. Portland.
Vancouver must win to finish sixth.

At least one match has been scheduled, and hopefully we'll have a complete playoff schedule tomorrow night (but Monday is a more likely expectation).

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Anonymous said...

Montreal(PR) and ATL(Roch) chose to have their first match at home to avoid having to travel twice in two days. Seattle chose to go to Cary for the first match and then travel back home for the second leg. With Vancouver and Portland, travel is not much of a problem.