September 8, 2007

USL Live At It Again!!!

The eighth and final playoff spot in the USL First Division will be decided tonight. Miami (31 points) currently holds the edge over Carolina (29 points), with Carolina playing tonight at last-place California at 10 p.m. Eastern.

I, along with many other USL fans were very much looking forward to watching tonight's match on USL Live.

But alas, the hideously over-priced service has yet again pulled the old "technical difficulties" excuse and will not be showing this match live.

Rumor has it that California management has not paid for the service to be used to broadcast live matches for the past few games but the league has stepped in and mandated the club to do it anyway.
But unlike those matches, the USL has decided not to force California to do so tonight with the playoff dreams of two clubs hanging in the balance.

As a neutral supporter, I am somewhat upset because I was planning on keeping track of this match through USL Live.

One can only imagine the ire of Carolina and Miami supporters tonight.

Major props go out to our friends over in the Triangle Soccer Fanatics, who have sent a letter to USL vice president Tim Holt.

As we've harkened on before, USL Live was a great idea that has occasionally gone wrong. The price ($50) has not lived up to the expected quality of the product, and that is something that the USL must work on if they expect fans to pay such a high price. I can understand some clubs having better broadcasts than others (some clubs in USL are simply better-run than others), but there is absolutely no reason all the matches are not shown live.

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