September 27, 2007

USA-Brazil, World Cup Semifinal

Feeling out process early here in China. Brazil with a free kick in around the 8th minute, it's played to the back post and it goes through Scurry's hands and out for a corner. Greg Ryan might have thrown up on the sideline.

Yellow card to Shannon Boxx on a really tough, late tackle. Scurry comes off her line well to snag the free kick.

The US is sure giving away a lot of set pieces in their defensive half. It comes back to bite them when Brazil scores on a corner kick. It was played to the near post, Leslie Osbourne tries to head it over the line for another corner. Scurry didn't come for it or call it, from what you could tell on TV. Who knows? It looked really ugly though, and the US has to somehow pick up their game.

Foudy defends Scurry on the own goal. It was a tricky one, for sure, but it didn't look like Scurry was in control of the situation. Either way, Osbourne had time to play it with her feet, or let it ride for Scurry to grab.

Lori Chalupny picks up a yellow card for a late tackle.

Marta cuts in from the right, and shoots hard and low to the near post. Scurry gets a hand on, but can't keep it out. Brazil 2-0, and let the questions begin. Foudy starts quick with the questions, saying that Scurry was in goal "precisely for a shot like that."

DiCicco is in the studio and says that Scurry "needs games" and her decisions haven't always been correct here. DiCicco thinks that Ryan has lost some credibility with his team due to the GK switch.

Lilly sends in a dangerous free kick, but it's a little too far for anyone to get a head on.

Chalupny with a tricky shot from the top of the box, but it's wide. The US just isn't generating a lot of offense at this point.

JP is saying everything but, "Greg Ryan is a dummy." In JP speak, "bold move" (which he's said repeatedly) means "stupid".

Boxx takes down Christiane with a forearm shiver. Dangerous free kick for Brazil from about 40 yards, it's headed partially clear, but Brazil keeps possession. It's finally out for a goal kick. Marta is really causing problems.

Shannon Boxx just got her second yellow and she's gone. Christiane cut behind her and tripped over her, Boxx did absolutely nothing but get taken down. Awful job by the referee and the assistants, there's no way Boxx should've been called for anything there. Christiane's celebration of the red card was really, really childish.

Halftime, 2-0 Brazil and let the disaster relief begin...

In the studio, DiCicco says that if Scurry is on her game, she makes that save on Marta's shot.

Carli Lloyd is coming in for Stephanie Lopez to add some offense.

JP says Hope Solo was out warming up at halftime, and there was a ton of speculation about a potential change. Nothing done though, you can't try to fix that at this point when you have ten players.

Brazil gets free on the left, Scurry comes out halfway, but a defender bangs the ball off the Brazilian for a goal kick. Scurry was stuck.

Marta is awesome.

Wambach picks up her first yellow for a pretty nasty tackle from behind.

Great combination play on the left again for Brazil, but the shot is wide to the far post. I think Scurry had it covered.

Maicon gets free on the left AGAIN, but it's wide. Scurry had it covered for sure this time.

Best break for the US all day, but Lloyd shoots wide from about 20 yards out. They had a 4v3 and shot from outside.

Brazil down the left side again, the ball is played into the middle for Christiane. She tucks it past Scurry, 3-0 Brazil.

Foudy is ripping Ryan for the goalkeeping change, all bets are off at this point. Now, she's ripping Ryan for bringing Ellerton on for O'Reilly. I don't know if Ryan will be sending Foudy a Christmas card this year.

The ball falls for Lilly in the box, but she puts it right at the keeper.

Foudy's going off about how Rampone has been moved into midfield after the Ellerton sub, and she's never really played there.

Foudy is still baffled about the sub, saying it was done to man-mark Marta. Why do that when you're DOWN 3-0?

DiCicco is back on now, and ripping the substitutions. He calls the GK switch "devastating".

Dalmy is on for Markgraf, and Foudy is speechless for a minute. No Kai, no Wagner, we bring on two defensive players when we're down 3-0. Brilliant!

Marta just absolutely smoked Ellerton on the endline, but Christiane's shot is too close to Scurry, who saves. Once again, Marta is awesome.

Foudy makes a great point about how Brazil didn't play one game between the 2004 Olympics final and the first game of qualifying for 2007. They get absolutely no support from the Federation.

Marta smoked Ellerton again with an INSANE flick, beat a second defender, and scores past Scurry. 4-0 Brazil.

Brazil hasn't even made a sub yet, they're having a party out there.

Christiane puts a shot off the post in the 88th minute. Brazil is twisting the knife at this point.

Andrea at Sideline Views has some great points about the game, I think we're all on the same page here.

The torture is finally over as the ref blows the whistle for full time. That was just awful to watch. I feel terrible for the players left on the bench who should've had a hand in this game.

Greg Ryan's got some 'splainin to do, huh?

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