September 27, 2007

Hope Solo: Unplugged

Go to the ESPN main page and check the videos for an angry Hope Solo talking about today's debacle. Here's a link. Here's a post about the interview.

She says that anyone who knows soccer can see that it was the wrong decision to sit her today, says that there's no doubt in her mind that she would have made those saves today, and that you can't live in the past and base things off an Olympic final from 3 years ago.

This is going to do wonders for team chemistry, eh? It's never good when this sort of stuff comes out in public, but I can't blame Hope for saying what she did.

Where does the women's program go from here?


Javier said...

Being a GK myself, I can feel her pain, especaially, knowing that the GK there to replace her hasn't played in nearly three months.

This was Hope's team and she deserved every opportunity to be the starter in that game. I understand that Brianna has a decorated history, however, I don't beleive she was the best person for the job. It had to be the GK who has been playinhg with the team for the entire tournament to this point.

That change does not only affect who is between the pieps, rather it also, affects the defenders who have acclamaited themselves to a specific GK's(SOLO)style of play. Now they have to re-adjust. I don't think the move was fair to the Gk's involved, the players, the fans, etc.

Anonymous said...

Man she is hot when she's mad

Russell said...

I have a new favorite player, I luv Hope that interview was the best!

jross said...

I think she's right on the money, but I'm completely with Javier. Moves like this can really bring a team down. I don't think it's (hardly) ever the right of the player to be outspoken about events that take place within their own team. If it's that big of a deal, in this case it is, people above the coach will notice and bring it to his attention.

Longshoe said...

Javier (unless I'm misreading his comment) didn't say he had a problem with what Hope said, his problem was with the move itself.

Things could've been handled better, but I'm glad to have someone speak their mind on this type of issue, we don't have that happen in US soccer as a whole enough.

Sadly, the US women's program is even worse than the rest. There have been other incidents throughout the years of players being bullied or kept quiet by the Federation.

If Scurry had an issue with what Hope said, she needs to be handed her comments about the Olympics in 2000 when she said similar things when she lost her starting spot. Siri Mullinix won the job while Scurry was out injured and out of shape. I'll have more on this later...

I don't think US Soccer is going to do anything about this, other than potentially not recall Hope. I don't think Ryan will be gone, even though his colossal blunder would be enough for him to go in my book.

The 51 games don't matter, friendlies' results don't matter. His job was to win the World Cup, and he failed, and in a big way. There were issues before this one, but he kept getting results that covered them up. Now, everything's wide open.