September 14, 2007

The 1st Annual Golden Cupcake Award

While we cover the general American soccer scene, the Bakery is based in the Dirty South capital of Atlanta. As such, our local team is the USL-D1 Atlanta Silverbacks. While they've been emotionally trying at times, the Bakery is always represented at the RE/MAX on gamedays.

To celebrate this blog's first season of Silverbacks soccer, the Cupcakes' braintrust (stop laughing) has created the 1st Annual Golden Cupcake Award. This prestigious award is going to the MVP of the Silverbacks, as voted on by members of the Cupcake Nation.

It was a very close vote for the inaugural award. There were many deserving players of the tasty treat. However, when the frosting was whipped and the sprinkles added, there was only one player standing...

Tony McManus

Tony has been a force in the middle of the field for the Silverbacks this season. In fact, I'll point to the fact that when he was put back into his usual defensive midfield position, that's when the Silverbacks first went on a long winning streak. McManus has even chipped in with four goals this season, including a crucial one on the road in Vancouver to secure a point and the fourth seed. Congratulations to Tony McManus, the first winner of the Golden Cupcake.

We hope to have a picture with the Golden Cupcake presentation, weather permitting. Watch this space...

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Anonymous said...

While you guys are at Re/Max having a jollie good time - fans out of state are KILLING ourselves because USL DIED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you guys have fun... =(