July 12, 2007

Very interesting CoachSpeak

Coach Jason Kreis of Real Salt Lake issued this open letter to the RSL fans and community.


Belief. Passion. Desire. Determination. Commitment. Sacrifice.

These are the core values inside the Real Salt Lake locker room, the values upon which team success is built and those we demand from every individual that walks through those doors. Nothing but the utmost adherence to these tenets is tolerated.

During my time of transition, Real Salt Lake has not delivered the results – the wins – that we demand of ourselves. So while disappointment and frustration were apparent in last week’s losses to Toronto and at Columbus, we make no excuses. Our fans deserve more, and what we have delivered thus far in 2007 is unacceptable.

Our collective focus continues on heightening the intensity at each practice, at each game, in every way, in order for us to become a more cohesive unit, for us to think and react at a quicker speed of play, for us to pressure our opponent, for us to compete as one unit. From this, competitive success is ensured.

Our fans are the best in MLS, and have been since day one. That our fans share the same values – Belief, Passion, Desire, Determination, Commitment and Sacrifice – motivates every player, coach, and administrator in the RSL organization to forge ahead and redouble efforts to emerge from this rut.


As I said upon my introduction as Head Coach of RSL, “Fortune Favors the Bold.” I believe this in my heart of hearts, and the bold changes we are currently implementing in our team and in our coaching staff will bring imminent fortune.

All of us – fans, players, coaches, supporters – everyone who grows the game of soccer, those who serve as the engine for the burgeoning soccer culture in the U.S. and specifically in Utah – should display this boldness proudly, and through the values stated above, fortune will shine brightest upon us.

Determinedly Yours,

Jason Kreis
Head Coach
Real Salt Lake


It's not every day you see a coach do this sort of thing. Thoughts?


pate said...

My initial response is here, but you can boil it down to "less talk, more action".

Anonymous said...

Uh, maybe he's an American soccer coach that actually understands that being a professional soccer coach means that you have to produce results. Go figure!

And it's clear that he's not trying to make excuses, but instead convince his "customers" that he's up to the job, given a chance, and this is what he's doing to make good on his commitment to succeed.

Now whether his "fireside chat" is enough to stave off the naysayers chants for his head, that remains to be seen. But you gotta admire the proactive stance.

Anonymous said...

They came down on NWA and The Geto Boys. All these Hip Hop artists were bold and demanded freedom of expression. But now you see censorship going on.
Afrika Bambaataa

Anonymous said...

You and Freddie work that runway Mr Kreis you are so Bold and Beautiful...


Anonymous said...

Is this MLS confessional week? First Lalas and his Beckham has distracted us and we suck moment. Kreis with his ramblings about be bold and sucking. Oh so very Catholic Confessional of him.