July 26, 2007

Veron to Chivas USA?!?

The rumors started with DC United, now it's being reported that Chivas USA is after Juan Sebastian Veron. Argentine websites are saying that it's a $20 million deal and that Seba will be living in Hollywood. They also say he'll be arriving next Tuesday, so I guess we'll know soon enough.

On the DC front, Kevin Payne had some interesting comments in a Q&A with Steve Goff of the Washington Post:

SI: Did you make contact with Juan Sebastian Veron?
KP: We talked to another player down there, but I am not going to confirm who.

SI: Veron has told the Argentine media on the record that D.C. United has approached him? Is he lying?
KP: Let's just say we certainly have an interest in making our team better and we think the advent of the designated player rule is a new tool for all of us. We really admire what the Galaxy has done and the chance they took with Beckham. It seems to be paying off for everybody. AEG has really stepped up and taken our league to a new level. From our point of view, we would like to find a player who has significant name recognition, who fits the culture of our team (winning championships) and is Latin. Our team has always had a Latin flavor and we think that is the direction we will continue to go in. Veron certainly fits that profile. He's been a great, great player, one of the best players in the world for a long time and still has a lot in the tank. So he would certainly be a guy on our radar screen, but we've looked at other players as well.

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