July 24, 2007

Sprinkles: Playing catch-up

DC: The stadium deal at Poplar Point is in the "I think we should see other people" phase of the relationship. The District government wants to explore all of its options, although they have said that a soccer stadium could still be involved in the deal. DCU is also exploring other options, including ones outside of the District. We'll see, I'm still hoping for an urban stadium there. For a much more informed take on the situation, check out D over at DCenters.

Kansas City: The Wiz are looking at jersey sponsorship deals. They're also looking at adding a third jersey for next season, pending adidas support. I didn't know there was a league rule on it, but according to the article, teams can wear a third jersey twice during the season.

LA: Pachuca and Chivas will likely miss out on the Becks phenomenon, as David will probably sit out both of the SuperLiga matches against the Mexican powerhouses. Coach Yallop says that the ankle is still pretty sore, but he didn't rule out Saturday's match against Chivas at the Coliseum. I'd guess that one is much more likely than tonight against Los Tuzos.

The time off might give Becks a chance to upgrade his security to avoid this trainwreck.

Dallas: The Hoops host the original Goats from Guadalajara tonight at the Brick Oven in Frisco. Ricardinho, the young Brazilian, has received his work visa and is available tonight. They're also still going after Denilson to add to the Samba flair. Is Dallas trying to become Brazil superfan Mooninho's favorite MLS team, or what? The Star-Telegram posted a good SuperLiga primer here.

Columbus: He hasn't seen the field much for the Village People, but Danny Szetela impressed during the U20 World Cup. Coach Sigi didn't seem too bothered by Szetela either way earlier in the season, now he's singing his praises and wants to keep him in Ohio. My guess is that he's gone as soon as the right offer comes along. A change of scenery might work really well for him. SuperAgent Shep Messing has listed 8 clubs that are interested, not including MLS.

MLS: Props to the head honchos at the league for putting the SuperLiga matches up on the MLS website for free. I'll watch on TeleFutura, but it's nice to have the option. I think El Rey del Taco could be hopping tomorrow night for the United-Morelia, Dynamo-Aguilas doubleheader...

New York: A stadium announcement of some sort is expected on Friday. Although Red Bull Park being delayed again wouldn't shock me, I guess it would have something to do with the home stadium for next year. The deal at Giants Stadium was through this season, correct?

It could also have to do with this. It looks Red Bulls will be buying AEG's remaining 50% stake in the future Red Bull Park for somewhere near $50 million. Red Bull sure has kicked a lot of money into this project, huh?

Salt Lake: Reports out of Portugal are saying that the Freddy deal could've fallen through over the price. It's reported MLS wanted around $7.5 million, but Benfica offered around $3 million. That's a big gap, hopefully something can still get worked out.

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