July 26, 2007

Silverbacks-Portland live blog

FT - 0-0. I want two hours of my life back. Damn, I'm going to regret staying up watching this crap in about five hours when I'm at work.

90' - Hayes just limped off. It looks like Buete will come on for him. He was supposed to come in for someone else, but Hayes' injury likely will change that.

82' - Atlanta subs: Ukah is on for Wolfe and O'Brien is on, presumably for Liendo. The Silverbacks actually had about a minute of possession near the Portland goal but couldn't get a shot off.

80' - McIntosh saves Atlanta again. Hague had a laser stopped by McIntosh, who then smothered the ball with another Timber running on. There's no way Atlanta is scoring in this match. Silverbacks fans, all you can hope for is a 0-0 tie. They have done absolutely nothing offensively for the past 30 minutes.

71' - Atlanta sub: Rios in for Rivillo. A little too obvious, but I would have done the same thing. Rivillo hasn't seen much of the ball in the second half (yet, who has in the Atlanta midfield?). Hopefully Rodrigo can come in and keep some possession and create something. Also, sounds like O'Brien came on for Atlanta but we're not sure.

62' - Atlanta sub: Moore in for Hassim. Wow, looks like the 'Backs are just going to sit back and play for the tie. You take out a guy who can go forward for a defender/defensive-minded winger and it says to me you aren't looking to score a goal.

58' - Another yellow card for Atlanta. That's at least three for them and none for the Timbers. Resulting free kick by Gregor is put on goal but saved by McIntosh.

55' - Atlanta gets out of jail twice. Bagley has a header saved by McIntosh, then has another saved off the line after it went over the keeper. There's no way Portland won't score if the Silverbacks' defense keeps playing like this.

HALFTIME - It's 0-0, and I feel like I'm watching a replay of last Saturday's match in Atlanta. Both teams are playing very defensive-minded and are taking too many chances in the final third. I know Atlanta will be ecstatic with a tie, so we'll see if Portland tries to take the game to the Silverbacks in the final 45 minutes. A goal by either team will really change the play.

30' - Supposedly Atlanta had a good chance off a free kick, but we never saw it. Nice streaming by USL Live. I'm glad everyone is getting their money's worth with premium broadcasting.

27' - Portland takes a short corner and it's dummied to Leonard Griffin whose blast gets through the mire in front but is stopped by McIntosh. This game is getting bogged down in the midfield.

20' - Nothing too exciting happening. It's worth mentioning that this is the Portland debut for a Cupcake favorite, "The Rooster" Matt Taylor! The former Chivas USA forward has two shots on goal already. Also, Anthony Wolfe has his own jersey now, complete with name and number. No word yet on Queeley.

12' - Antoniuk with a nice individual play, but his shot was too high. El Guero is wondering where Rodrigo is. Not on the field obviously. We're still waiting to see if McManus is actually playing. He was listed on the roster by USL Live, but we haven't seen him anywhere near the ball.

9' - Atlanta defense is playing awful. They are just letting Portland walk the ball to the top of the box. It seems Justin Moore may have taught his teammates how to play defense. The Timbers have already had three great shots, including one off the crossbar.

The teams are on the field at PGE Park in Portland, and bad news from the start for Atlanta: THEY ARE PLAYING WITH TEN MEN!!!

Well, probably not. But that's how the USL Live broadcast showed the lineup before the game.
Shoe is flabbergasted - he rarely sees a 4-3-2 formation to start.

Lineup changes for the 'Backs - Liendo, Hudson, Wolfe and Rivillo are all starting. With one player to be named, I'll assume it's Buete.

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