July 19, 2007

Silverbacks buy bus advertisement, yet can't get names on jerseys

On my way out to grab a bite to eat last night, I came upon a MARTA (Atlanta's public transportation) bus with an ad for the upcoming friendly against Cruz Azul. The ad was splashed on all sides of the bus, and I managed to snap a pic with my Sidekick. Unfortunately I was driving and couldn't stop to get more pictures. But definitely a good amount of money was spent on this, as I'm sure that this isn't the only bus in the Metro Atlanta area that looks like this.

That being said, I now know why they have no money to get Queeley and Woolfolk's names on the back of their jerseys. I can understand Queeley as they probably ran out of Q's on Quintero, but not Woolfolk. I'm thinking Soccer Locker needs to step up to the plate on this one...

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Loqqer said...

Sorry... soqqer loqqer used all their q's on the DEQSIDE 302 shirts.