July 7, 2007

MLS Weekend Preview

Columbus-Salt Lake, 7:30 ET (DK)
Both teams are affected by U20 national team duty, but the Crew have rolled along without a loss in five games. RSL finally did get a win, but then lost to Toronto on the 4th. If the Crew want to hang with the big boys up the table in the East, they need to take care of business here.
Columbus 2, Salt Lake 0

New England-Chivas USA, 7:30 (DK)
Chivas handled New England on the West Coast last weekend, now the Revs are looking for revenge at home. Both teams will be getting some key guys back from Copa America duty, with Bornstein and Twellman likely to be in the lineup since they didn't play on Thursday. We'll see about Guzan and Kljestan, they did go 90 minutes against Colombia. I still think they match-up that gives the Revs fits is Maykel Galindo's speed against the Revs backline. If Chivas gives him the right service, he will score goals against this unit. That said, the Revs should've learned from their loss and change things up.
New England 1, Chivas 1

Chicago-Toronto, 8:30 (FSC)
Toronto finally got a win on the road, although it happened in Utah. That might only count for half a win in the standings, I'm not sure. Chicago will take anything they can get at this point. They do have a new coach, and he has to try to turn around a record that includes seven losses in the last ten games. Why is it that the team with the two biggest signings suck the most? Mexico is still rocking along in Venezuela, so the Fire will have to wait for Cuau a while longer.
Chicago 1, Toronto 1

Los Angeles-Kansas City, 10:30 (DK)
The Gals welcomed Landon Donovan back with 2 PK's and a win on the 4th. Kansas City dropped a game at home, although they'll be happy to be getting Eddie Johnson back. Remember, he's on a two-game hat trick streak in MLS. Unfortunately for him, he played the full 90 in Venezuela on Thursday, so I'm not expecting to see him much here. Becks is being introduced on Friday, the Gals need a win to welcome him properly. Maybe there's hope for the playoffs yet in LA...
LA 2, KC 1

Colorado-New York, 8:00 (DK)
Clavijo has to start getting wins, or start looking for a new job. I still think there's more talent there, I don't know what the problem is. NY is coming off a dismantling in Houston, but at least Reyna and Angel got the last half hour off when Il Brucio gave up. I hope that helps them on Sunday night. With the way Colorado is playing, it should.
Colorado 0, New York 1

Houston-DC, 8:30 (DK)
Game of the weekend, two of the hottest teams in the league meet in prime time Sunday night. This would be an ideal one for a national audience, but no dice. Both teams won in midweek, although the Dynamo's 4-0 win over the Red Bulls was slightly more impressive. As much as I want the result to be different, I think you have to go with the Dynamo right now. They're just killing people.
Houston 3, DC 1

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