July 16, 2007

MLS Power Rankings

Once again, sorry for the lack of rankings last week. At least now we're seeing a little separation, at least in the East.

Eastern Conference

1. New England Revolution - Your leaders in the East, and they've only lost 3 times on the season, whereas every other team has at least 5. Andy Dorman's becoming a goal-scoring machine.

2. Kansas City Wizards - I shouldn't even have wasted my time checking my Sidekick to see who scored their goal on Saturday. It wasn't pretty, but they got the job done against RSL.

3. DC United - Should have taken a cue from the Silverbacks and played bunker ball against FC Dallas. Especially when they were winning 3-0. You can't let a team come back from that.

4. New York Red Bull - Suddenly they're having trouble scoring goals, having scored once in 3 matches in July. Juan Pablo Angel's red card won't help that.

5. Columbus Crew - Ran into the league's best home team and nearly came out with a draw, had it not been for Gaven's own goal. They need to beat Toronto at home next Sunday to stay near the top 4.

6. Toronto FC - Hey, a draw is the best you can do with Houston right now. Bravo boys.

7. Chicago Fire - I still can't wait for Blanco to join, even if it is on a team this bad. Not a nice introduction for Osorio, starting your career with a 4-0 loss to Houston.

Western Conference

1. Houston Dynamo - Without a doubt, #1 in the whole league right now. 695 minutes without a goal. Now if they'd just score at least one, they'd be way above everyone else in points.

2. FC Dallas - I've got to put them here for their guts in coming back from a 3-0 deficit. And you know what, they haven't lost since June 17.

3. Chivas USA - This team is so frustrating because you know they're going to play well at home (6-0-1) and probably lose on the road (1-5-2). Will still be good enough for a playoff spot, especially in this crap conference.

4. Los Angeles Galaxy - Just because that Beckham guy is here.

5. Real Salt Lake - Just because they better play Seitz when he gets back.

6. Colorado Rapids - This team sucks. They haven't scored a goal since June 28 and haven't won a game since May 26. Why don't I hear much talk about heads rolling in Commerce City?

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