July 2, 2007

MLS Power Rankings - "Where are all the goals?" edition

Aside from Thursday's 4-1 win by D.C. United over Colorado, the goals were few and far between this week in MLS. Along with the goals probably went the attention span of the diehard soccer fans who follow MLS, with the U.S. taking part in Copa America and the U-20 World Cup. I've got to admit, after watching the U.S.'s lackluster performance against South Korea and the FC Dallas-Houston match on Saturday, I couldn't stay awake to watch the Chivas USA match. Shame on me.

Eastern Conference

1. D.C. United - Just as over in USL-1, it's a no-brainer in the Eastern Conference, going by recent results. They won, and all of their chasers stumbled. I'm sure our former Virginia Beach Boy Addlery will be getting some of Shoe's Cupcakes this week, that is if he still isn't steaming over that voicemail some joker left on his voicemail last Friday night.

2. Kansas City Wizards - Ended up giving Toronto just their 2nd road point. Hopefully an early exit from Copa America will give EJ an earlier shot at keeping his hat-trick streak alive.

3. Red Bull New York - Our buddy Ives over at Soccer by Ives pretty much sums it up at the bottom of his Monday Morning Centerback column. Just a crap performance. Columbus is playing better, but New York just played bad. Crappy way for Juan Pablo Angel's goal-scoring streak to come to a halt.

4. New England Revolution - Ran into the league's best home team. Still, it was only the Revs' third loss of the year, still best in the league.

5. Columbus Crew - It's a shame to have to keep this team down this far, but they still need a few more wins to join the amazingly tight Top 4. But 3 straight wins is still an awesome feat for these guys.

6. Toronto FC - It seems that Toronto woke up the now soccer-crazy nation of Canada. The crowds they're getting for the U-20 World Cup are insane! Too bad they don't return home until July 29. Ouch. Might be a good time to get that first-ever road win.

7. Chicago Fire - I seriously hope they're trying to give the Galaxy an idea by firing Sarachan before Blanco arrives. And Justin Mapp, you blew it tonight. I'd move you down further just because of that, but I can't.

Western Conference

1. Houston Dynamo - The long winning streak is over, but they're still the best team in the West. That is, if they bench DeRo, Onstad, Ching and Clark. You know the Dynamo scrubs feel like crap having to lose their spots after winning all those games.

2. Chivas USA - I wish we could base the Power Rankings on home games alone. 5-0-1 at the HDC, 13 goals for, 1 against. I think it's pretty easy to say that Burpo is the best backup in the league. Now let's see Guzan get into the Colombia game in Copa America.

3. FC Dallas - I don't know if I've ever seen a more boring game before. Let's hope that all these games wear down the Hoops for a possible upset by the Silverbacks in the Open Cup a week from today.

4. Colorado Rapids - I don't think they're a bad team, I just think they're one goalscorer away from being a good team. They host the hottest team in the league in the Crew on Wednesday, watch out.

5. Real Salt Lake - We'll see how Game 2 of the Robert Findley era goes on Wednesday when they host Toronto. Probably glad that Adu is in Canada right now, he looked terrible against the Koreans on Saturday.

6. Los Angeles Galaxy - I'm not a fan of the new shirts, and Yallop is still their coach. I wonder how bad they're gonna get waxed by Chelsea.


Anonymous said...

You only like Houston in the West huh? You've seen their games? BTW, their attendance is down over 4000 per game this year. Thoughts on that?

KevK said...
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KevK said...

And you have them in 5th place out of 7??
This blog has some HARDCORE anti-Crew bias.

El Güero said...

No, I like Chivas USA too, but it's a shame they're two different teams, one at home and one on the road. Aside from that, Dallas is too plain, Colorado can't get anything going and RSL and the Galaxy are just plain bad.