July 1, 2007

EL CUBANO is the best forward in MLS

All apologies to Juan Pablo Angel, who's been great since he joined New York, but Maykel Galindo is the best forward in Major League Soccer.

Seven goals (many of the highlight film variety, check out lasn't night's newest addition if you missed it) and four assists in twelve games played is a nice output. JPA has nine goals and two assists in eight game, but you'd have to agree that he has a much better supporting cast. For as much crap as I give him, even I'd have to admit that Claudio Reyna is a slightly better than Marsch and Nagamura.

I think Red Bull would be better off without JPA than Chivas would be without Galindo. Even if you don't want to say he's better, I think you'd have to agree that he's more valuable.


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