July 13, 2007

Atlanta-Monterrey report, AKA "How can they run out of Tecate WHEN THEY'RE SPONSORING THE FREAKING GAME????"

So a small contingent of the Cupcake Nation made it out to the Park for the first of the Silverbacks' two friendlies against Mexican Primera Division teams.

To be honest with you, some things bothered me, such as the fact that even though the stadium wasn't close to capacity, there was no parking.

But in the end, it finished 1-1 in a poorly-played game. Goals from Mexican international Luis Perez (from the penalty spot) and Macoumba Kandji on both sides of the half were really the only highlights. If you're not familiar with Mac, he's the mystery player who some Silverbacks fans think will turn the season around. Heck, after being so hyped up, I thought he'd score at least 5 goals tonight.


Anonymous said...

Don't you ever get tired of embarrassing yourself? Kandji has not played in game competition all year, plus the Silverbacks started their reserve players in this match. The mexican team started their regulars. The Mexicans must be pretty lousy.


Longshoe said...

I didn't see the game (work came first unfortunately), so I can't comment on the quality.

Do remember that Monterrey is in the preseason, I think this was their first match since the end of the Clausura in May or so. From what I saw of their practice on Tuesday, they seemed more concerned about their team getting fit and doing things correctly than a result.

A 1-1 draw with a Mexican first division team does look good on paper though, no matter when it is played.

I took the comment about Kandji as related more to the hype about his preseason performances against college teams than anything else.

Did you see the game? How was the crowd?

Anonymous said...

I think that the season has been turned around. Millwood will be back soon and the Silverbacks will be ready for the stretch run.


Anonymous said...

Monterrey looked real smooth. They are very precise with their passes and they control the ball well, but they did not threaten the goal very often. The Silverbacks second line players defended well. Maybe it is just preseason for them, but I thought FC Dallas was a better side. As far as Mac is concerned, He has not played this year yet and in all honesty, he is rusty. He played in the preseason against college teams and two USL-2 teams and he led the Silverbacks in scoring in the preseason. In time, he will be an exceptional player, but I don't think he will ever play for the Silverbacks in league competition.


Anonymous said...

In response to your question "How can they run out of Tecate WHEN THEY'RE SPONSORING THE FREAKING GAME????", it's really quite simple: the Silverbacks are a third-class organization, run by a bunch of chimps. Isn't that obvious to everyone by now?

And I think that there is a typo in the first comment. Shouldn't it be "Don't THEY ever get tired of embarrassing THEMselves?"

Longshoe said...

Right now, I'd agree that Dallas should be a better team than Monterrey. When both teams are in the midseason, I'd say Monterrey is slightly better. This comparison between MLS and the Mexican League will be pretty interesting, I've saving a bigger post about it for SuperLiga time. Roughly, I'd say that the elite of Mexico (Pachuca, America, Chivas) are the best. The elite of MLS are right there with the second tier of Mexican clubs, in my opinion.

Mac is definitely very skilled and will be an asset to whoever he plays for. The expectations are so high for this kid, I hope they don't get out of hand. The main thing is that he hasn't ever played at this level and it's going to take time to adjust on a consistent basis.

El Güero said...

Well, I was going to say something, but Shoe already took care of it.

The bottom line is that Monterrey hasn't played a game in a long time. And look at who played: Only Baloy and Luis Perez have seen action recently, with their respective national teams.

And Alex Fernandes hasn't seen a field in almost 2 years after a knee injury. You can't say that Monterrey was at their top level last night, even with their big names out there.

109 TURNED MEXICAN said...

Where were the hardcore supporters in section 109? They turned Mexican. Nice to see that when raised ticket prices cut into your beer money that you decide to stay at home. That's the mark of true supporters.