July 15, 2007

Alexi Lalas is a pimp

On top of friendlies in Minnesota against somebody (is that game still on?), in Vancouver against the Whitecaps, in LA against Tigres and Chelsea, 2008 preseason training in Asia, and a postseason trip to Australia to play Sydney FC; it looks like the prostitution of the Gals will continue with a "game or two" in England.

The impressive part is the high price tag of the Gals, in the ballpark of $6 million per game. Anybody out there still questioning the Beckham signing now? Just a hunch, I don't think Vagenas, Veris, and Cannon could've commanded that type of fee on their own.

I'm just waiting for Lalas to petition MLS that the "jewel" of the league be exempt from the 2008 regular season so they can play friendlies instead. Of course, as the "jewel" of the league they would automatically be in the playoffs though. I give it a couple of weeks before Alexi brings this up...

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