June 13, 2007

Yes, I went to the game

Well, at least the second half. From what I was being told over the phone, I knew I could get in for free and watch half a game in an empty stadium, which was the case. It also helps when you have a couple friends out there to discuss the ongoings with.

Boo to Shoe for leaving early and missing the fireworks.

Yeah, they won 10-0. So. Nothing to write home about. Not as bad as I've seen. I've been in attendance at a 16-0 laugher before.

But according to one person on the Silverbacks message board, I need to go back to Soccer 101 classes.

I'm actually really glad I went so I can provide my "expert" prediction.

Here's the thing: I never expect any team to just lay down and give the game to the other team. But that's what happened here.

Put yourself in the shoes of an Azzurri player. You're an amateur, you miss a day of work to fly out here, probably have to buy your own plane ticket. You come out, give up two early goals, then get rained on.

Yet instead of Jason Smith showing mercy and professionalism, he plays pretty much his entire first team, ends up with two injuries (Jarun and McIntosh) and keeps pushing forward until the end.

What bothers me the most is the changes. I understand the first two due to injuries. But isn't this the kind of game where you can get some guys who haven't played much some playing time so they'll stay fresh instead of sitting on the bench every game?

Why do you take Hudson off and bring on JUSTIN MOORE to play centreback? When you have John Queeley, a centreback on the bench?

And why have a straight swap at the end, Ukah for Hassim? How about Kevin Barrow if you're going to bring a striker on?

I love how all the Jason Smith defenders will point to this game as a good performance for him and how us critics are supposed to eat our words. But the fact of the matter is that it's not what he did, it's what the other team didn't do. Hell, my rec league team probably could have beaten Azzurri tonight.

And I'm still not going to the game on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Ukah is a forward and hassiem played midfield tonight. Queeley is not a centerback dumbass. You really do not know what is going on do you.

Anonymous said...

If I ran a blog on soccer, I would at least know something about soccer. You are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Hey clueless, why do you insist on making such a fool of yourself? I feel sorry for you.

Longshoe said...

It's good to see some people figured out how to use the comments here. Of course, their words carry so much meaning while they're "anonymous".

These are just my opinions about your rantings.

I think Hassim is a better forward than a midfielder, but he's a better option at right mid than Justin Moore.

Queeley struggles when he plays on the outside, that's not where he played with Puerto Rico last year.

Don't worry, I feel sorry for you too...

Anonymous said...

"If I ran a blog on soccer, I would at least know something about soccer. You are pathetic."

Dear Anonymous,
Please feel free to share with the BLOG community what skill set you bring to the planet besides being an Anonymous blog posting winy little bitch.

POPS94 said...

"Definition: a personal Web site that provides updated headlines and news articles of other sites that are of interest to the user, also may include journal entries, commentaries and recommendations compiled by the user;"

Dear Who Ate All the Cupcakes?,

Please feel free to post your commentaries as you see fit. Your efforts are appreciated.

Longshoe said...

Don't worry, this bakery isn't closing up shop anytime soon...

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I thought the Silverbacks forum was bad about not tolerating negativity. It appears that you can't even question the team ON YOUR OWN SITE without getting them all bent out of shape...

As a friend has said a few times "You've not matured as a sports fan until you've moved beyond just simply being glad to have a team, and started complaining when things aren't good enough." (or something like that...)

I can't say I agree with the "not coming to any more games" stance, as it reeks of the typical Atlanta sports "fair weather fan" mentality -- but I do agree with (or if not, at least can understand where you're coming from) most everything you guys have written about the team.

If people are complaining, then you must be doing something right. :D Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

You are all SOB's who are dumb about soccer. Yeah, i said it, so what?

Anonymous said...

Wow, some anonymous guy really takes my buddy's personal comments way to close to heart. Get away from the computer for a minute and get a life.