June 30, 2007

U-20s: USA tied at half, but won't steal headlines from Poles

First game of the tournament, first shocker. Poland beats Brazil 1-0 despite playing for over an hour down a man. You'd have thought the Poles had won the entire tournament the way they celebrated after the game.

In the 2nd game in Montreal (it's still strange to see soccer at the Olympic Stadium, former home of the Expos), the US is tied with South Korea 1-1 at the half despite the Koreans having most of the possession and almost all of the best chances and some quite dubious refereeing.

When ECB told me the starting lineup consisted of three Crew players and two Real Salt Lake members, I feared the worst. Then again, Szetela did score the goal, the first time I think I've ever seen him do something good. The goal DID come at the best time, after a horrible giveaway by Nathan Sturgis was perdonado by some terrible Korean finishing. Add to that a close call on an offside that could have made it 2-1 South Korea and the boys were just praying to get to the half tied.

I'm still puzzled as to how Andre Akpan isn't starting, Harvard's finest lit it up during qualifying for this tournament.

Bradley and Rogers picked up some rather weak yellows in the first half, I wouldn't be surprised to see them subbed out in the 2nd.

I think Rongen needs to watch some Silverbacks tapes at the half, all the Koreans seem to be doing is the long ball.

I like the fact that these games are on ESPNU, but I'd still like to see a running clock and score, get on it Bristol.

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