June 29, 2007

Silverbacks-Rochester live blog - First Half

We're live on FSC for the USL Match of the Week.
I'm pretty skeptical about the Silverbacks ending their 0-4-2 stretch in USL action, but you never know. Their last win in USL play was at Puerto Rico, which isn't an easy place to win.

Atlanta starters:

We're off, and I expect a 4-1-3-2 - McManus as the d-mid.

6' - no real chances so far. Silverbacks have had the whole of the play but no shots.
Rochester just got a corner, but Lines puts the volley over the goal.

9' - Hayes sends in a cross into the box, and Chase Harrison (Rochester GK) looked awful coming out for it. He whiffs, but the ball falls too far from Antoniuk for him to take advantage. 0-0 now in the 11th.

12' - shot from the Rhinos from about 20 yards out is right at McIntosh who saves easily. McIntosh is staring right into the sun and will be for the rest of the half. Silverbacks bring it down and Buete has a shot from the top of the box but Harrison saves it.

13' - Menyongar taken down by Hassim 20 yards from goal. Dangerous chance for Rochester...is hit over the bar by John Ball.

15' - Ball tries one of his futsal tricks, but his side volley goes over the bar.

17' - A cross from Ball is on net, but McIntosh tips it over. Corner eventually comes to Tenywa Bonseu, but he blasts it over. Rochester has dominated the last 7 minutes.

19' - Ukah has a weak shot off his left go wide.

27' - McIntosh came off his line to stop Bonseu, who shot after controlling with his hand. No call on the hand-ball, and Ball takes a shot that goes over the bar.

This match has really slowed down, especially in the midfield. McManus has started pushing up more trying to create something, but no one has gotten control of this match.

30' - Hayes made a nice run up the left side, beating Bonseu on a tackle. His cross found Antoniuk but he couldn't control it. Probably the best build-up by Atlanta so far. 0-0 in the 32nd.

33' - Rios plays a nice cross into box, and Ukah heads it over from 16 out. I would have liked to see Ukah dummy it, because Antoniuk was to his right all alone. He would have had an easy chance.

34' - Bad defense by the Silverbacks, but Bobo saves them. He heads away a cross, but it falls to Menyongar. His shot is deflected wide by Bobo. Corner amounts to nothing.

41' - Hayes free kick from the right side is easily handled by Harrison. I'm trying to get excited about this match but it just isn't working. I can't wait for halftime.

44' - First yellow card of the match goes to Rochester's Kevin Burns. Bad tackle on Buete.

45' - GOOOOOOOOOL!!! ANTONIUK!! Hayes sends the free kick into the box, and Antoniuk's flick comes right back to him. He blasts it into the left side of the net for the 1-0 lead.

45+' - Jarun is beaten by Ball near the end line and he pulls the jersey to earn a yellow card. McIntosh is fouled on the free kick, and it will be 1-0 Silverbacks at the half.

1 comment:

Longshoe said...

Surprising goal at the end there, Rochester was dominating the majority of the half.

Great finish by Antoniuk on the goal, it fell perfectly for him. Nice service by Hayes to cause the goal.

McIntosh is looking good in goal, he's a nice streak right now.

Jarun and Bobo still scare me in the middle, and I think Rochester is going to look to exploit it in the second half.