June 21, 2007

Over the Top 2: Starring Alexi Lalas and Frank Yallop

I knew the Galaxy were crazy, but what is really going on out there? The Gals traded Robbie Findley and Nathan Sturgis, two of their most promising young players, to RSL for Chris Klein. My first reaction was, "Huh? Why?"

They couldn't stop raving about Findley and Sturgis earlier this year. Now, they're being traded for a slightly above average MLS midfielder. I'm really confused.

On top of that, Santino Quaranta is on the shopping block as well. He told Steve Goff at the Washington Post that New York, KC, and Colorado are possibilities. He also said, "They're trading everybody, man," he said. "It's a panic. I'm not sure Frank and Alexi are on the same page. It's a bad situation right now."

Who is in control in LA? Yallop hasn't really shown any results on the field this year, while Lalas hasn't really shown much in the boardroom either. We'll see about Carlos Pavon, although I think it's a step in the right direction. You're kidding me if you try to give Alexi credit for Beckham, that was the bigwigs. Lalas just handed over the peppermints while that one was getting done.

It's a good thing he didn't wear those pants to the negotiating sessions. Posh might've gagged.

Whether this is the right type of move or not, it's awfully late in the year to overhauling your roster. It's going to take time for guys like Landon, Becks, Pavon, and Klein to get on the same page. I think they might have the whole offseason tour of Timbuktu to do it, because it doesn't look like the playoffs will be likely...


Kenny said...

"I'm in a panic. I'm not sure Frank and Alexi want me on the team. I'm a bad soccer player right now." - Santino "Cheeseburger" Quaranta

Fixed his quote for what he was actually trying to say.

BTW, getting rid of "Cheeseburger" would be a good thing. He is just Memo Gonzalez Part II.

Longshoe said...


Can't really argue the point based off what's he shown so far for the Gals, but ouch...

It's a shame that he was one of the most promising guys in the country just a few years ago.