June 19, 2007

Cupcakes of the Week

Maykel Galindo: I'll admit it, I'm biased for EL CUBANO here, but I loved the goal he scored against Colorado Saturday night. If you weren't paying close attention, it might not have looked like much. He baited Brandon Prideaux in, and then turned and smoked him with speed. Great finish at the end, and I'm starting to think Galindo might be the best forward in the league. He also moves into a tie with Eddie Johnson for the lead in Cupcakes Awarded with four. Juan Pablo Angel is right on their heels.

Luciano Emilio: They weren't much to write home about, but 2 goals pretty much guarantees you a treat.

Robbie Rogers: Great to see the U20 international get his first goal and assist this weekend. It's a shame that three goals can't get the Crew a win these days.

Yura Movsisiyan: You might ask, "Who?" He had a nice coming out party for the Wiz Saturday night, scoring twice in Giants Stadium. The chip was especially sweet, although the Walrus made it easy by coming way off his line for no good reason.

Cobi Jones: A game-winning goal for the Galaxy? The Galaxy won a game?!? Craziness...

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