June 17, 2007

As Promised

Here they are, more thoughts on last night's game:

- The first thing worth mentioning is the absolute hilarity that went down during 2nd half stoppage time. For those who weren't there and didn't watch the game on USL Live, here's what happened: At one point, the referee blew for the end of the game. As most of the players came to surround him, he then changed his mind and called a drop ball, which the Silverbacks won and Ukah proceeded to hit the crossbar. It was after Ukah's shot that Smith tried to sub on Walters, ANOTHER DEFENDER IN A 0-0 GAME AT HOME. After the California goal kick, the ref then declared the game was over, without allowing the infamous attempted sub by Smith and one by California. I can assure you, if Ukah had scored, California probably would have beat down the referee right then and there, and the result definitely would have been protested. As it stands, Shoe's shrieking over the attempted sub is one of those moments that will live forever in Cupcakes lore.

- Seeing the match report on USL's website, our worst fears were confirmed. WHAT KIND OF A MORON DRESSES THREE KEEPERS?????????????

- Where was Tony McManus? They really could have used him last night, and I don't understand all this crap about not announcing injuries/suspensions for "tactical reasons." People actually say, "Well, you don't want to show your hand to the other team." Whatever happened to the belief that "no matter what, I'm confident that my team can beat yours."????????????? I didn't even see McManus at the stadium last night, I'm thinking that this isn't an injury, that something happened that warranted him not even being there. Of course, this is all speculation, he very well could have been there, but he certainly wasn't hanging out near the bench or even with the injured players in the stands. THAT I'm sure of.

- The injury excuse doesn't fly in Cupcakeland. I know people are going to come out and say that Jarun and Millwood are injured, therefore shortening some of Jason Smith's options. But that's no excuse for leaving a forward (Kevin Barrow) on the bench for the whole game while you bring defenders Liendo and Queeley on. If Barrow's on the team, wouldn't this be the perfect game to use him, when you're desperate for a goal? You could have taken out a gassed Dayton O'Brien, moved Hayes up to left-mid (where he played against Charleston a few weeks ago) and moved either Liendo or Queeley to the back and put Barrow, Ukah and Antoniuk up front. If you're going to play the longball, why not put as many people forward as possible?

- Queeley had his best game at right-mid. He actually played very well in the time he was on the field. But I still don't like him playing out of position.

- THREE GOALKEEPERS. It's so idiotic, it just bears repeating again.

- If Millwood isn't coming back anytime soon, NOW is the time to dip into the market. Get an MLS forward who isn't playing. Get a forward from Liga Lawrenceville. SOMETHING.

- Right now this team isn't even worth the trip out to the stadium. Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with the players. I know they give their all out there and are trying the best they can. But they just can't be successful with the current lack of coaching.


Anonymous said...

You were at the game?
I thought you said you weren't going to anymore games?....guess we know how much we can believe what you say on your blogs.

El Güero said...

I said in an earlier entry that I was going.

I have a free ticket and my buddies are going. Sorry if I like hanging out with my friends.

Besides, that trainwreck was priceless.

i luv cupcakes and long ball said...

good to see that anonymous is back. you can tell he knows what is said here is right because the only witty thing he can spit out is whether or not you said you're going to the game. keep stretching. if you can't figure anything else out we'll sub in a defender for you.