May 31, 2007

Sprinkles: The Return

Chicago: Marcelo Salas, El Matador, might be on trial with the Fire. The Chilean legend hasn't played since December, when he was dropped from his club Universidad de Chile when they went into bankruptcy. However, the team has been bought and Salas said he would return. Either way, he's pretty injury prone at this point. I don't think he's really the answer for the Fire.

Meanwhile, here's Cuau's last goal for America over the weekend. The MexBecks?

Salt Lake: The Goff is reporting that it looks like Kasey Keller will be joining RSL soon. Well, not really soon because he'll be at the Gold Cup, but you know what I mean. I guess this means Rimando will be leaving town and Keller will be the mentor to Seitz. So who's going to end up traded more times this season, Nicky or Esky?

Oh yeah, they also signed Richie Kotschau. Contain your excitement...

Los Angeles: Landon Donovan cries while watching American Idol. Take a minute to make your own jokes...

Kansas City: The Wiz will have Idan Shriki on trial with them starting next week. He's a forward from FC Ashdod in Israel.

New York: Former Metro Chris Leitch is in camp due to all the injuries to the defense. He nearly signed before the season, but was injured himself.


joemybro said...

Chris Leitch and Ritchie Kotschau, really. Man, next thing you know, it's Digital Takawiara and Doctor Kumalo getting looks from TFC and Real. Wouldn't those teams be better off looking for younger guys coming up from USL instead of re-cycling guys who never caught on?

Longshoe said...

That's what I would think too, but you know how it is. All the GM's are soccer hippies, just looking to keep recycling the same old crap. They do it with coaches and players both. I'm just waiting on Thor Lee, Ted Eck, and Rob Ukrop to get their next chance.

No trash talking about Digital Takawira around here though, the Digital Crawl was the hotness back in the day!

E. Charles Blanco said...

At least he didn't bad-mouth Dipsy.
No one talks sh!t about Dipsy when there's cupcakes nearby.