May 9, 2007

Interesting trade rumor

Our friends at MLS Underground are reporting that Columbus is going to ship Joseph Ngwenya to Houston for Alejandro Moreno. I'm not sure about this one, I've really liked Ngwenya for the Crew and I don't know how they'll replace him. I'm surprised they're willing to deal him.

Moreno's been the odd man out in Houston, so I'm sure he'll welcome the fresh start. He could form a pretty swank partnership with Guille.

EDIT: Now there's more. According to Mr. Goff in DC, Columbus is now shopping Eddie Gaven. What in the world are the Crew up to? Gaven has looked very good this year from the Crew games I've seen, much better than last season. Why are they trying to get rid of him? Do they have some big signing in mind or something?

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