April 11, 2007

Vince McMahon and the XFL would disapprove...

MLS has now made it league policy that a player must have their last name on the back of their jerseys. Sorry Herculez, but Fred in DC and Thiago in Chicago get around it. Cobi also does since it's his last season and all. The crew over at Sideline Views has their thoughts here and here.

I say, let's have some originality. If a player doesn't want to have his last name across the back, that's cool by me. I didn't even hate He Hate Me. However, if they choose to not have their last name on the back, the Cupcakes Crew should get first choice on what goes on the back of the shirt. Here's a few suggestions...

Claudio Reyna: POOL BOY
Zach Thornton: HUNGRY MAN
Kevin Hartman: SLIM SHADY
Cuauhtemoc Blanco: CUAUHTEPITO
David Beckham: $$$$$$$
Joe Franchino: AA
Carlos Ruiz: FLOPPY
Clint Mathis: BUD LIGHT
Jeff Cunningham: NARCISSIST
Matt Taylor: ROOSTER
Jonathan Bornstein: JUANITO
Ben Olsen: NATIONAL TREASURE (there you go Josh)
Terry Cooke: BECKS LIGHT
Eddie Gaven: ZOINKS!
Chad Barrett: MINI-ROONEY

Your ideas?


L.B. said...

You forgot the best one ever:

Brad Guzan: EL GUZANO

Anonymous said...

MLS promotion for this year. But you can't pick what is on the license plate, it has to be up to international standards. Coming this summer the David Beckham stolen car give away. If it is good enough for a Macedonian Minister it is good enough for MLS fans...


joemybro said...

I would have had Cunningham go with an omage to He Hate Me with I Love Me
Twellman-I'm Worth It
Shalrie-No He's Not or Free Me!
EJ-Where's the Goal?
Jim Curtain-Carrot Top
Bouna Condule-Bounatime
Kenny Cooper-Big Fish
Donovan-Fuck Europe
Kyle Martino-Failure
That's all I got