April 18, 2007

Sprinkles: Where's Shalrie?

New England: Shalrie Joseph has almost had enough. I can't say I really blame him at this point. I'm sure the Revs could find a nice trade out there for him, just let him get on with it already. You've passed the point of no return on this one, front office lackeys. You've disrespected the guy, and he's done with you.

Houston: Could the Dynamo be heading down a similar path with DDR?

Toronto: Mo Johnston has been busy the last few days. First, he acquires Marvell Wynne from New York for a 1st round draft pick. Then, he goes out and gets rid of disgruntled Richard Mulrooney, shipping him to Houston for their 1st round pick and Kevin Goldthwaite. Wynne and Goldthwaite will help the backline, which was atrocious against New England on Saturday. However, they still have about 95 forwards. Mo will play the old Brazilian 4-2-4 this weekend.

San Jose: No, they're not back yet. Actually, San Jose State is up to their usual douchebaggery. Check it out here.

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