April 3, 2007

Sprinkles: News and predictions for y'all

CONCACAF: DCU is in Guadalajara tonight for the second leg of their Champions' Cup semi with Chivas. The series is 1-1, thanks to a last minute equalizer from Luciano "It's in the net" Emilio. Unfortunately for United, I think they really needed a win in DC to have a good chance to reach the final. I think they will battle hard, take a draw into the dressing room at halftime, but give up a goal in the second half. They'll push forward to try to equalize, but get caught out late to make it 2-0 Chivas.

I really, really hope I'm wrong.

As for Houston visiting Pachuca on Thursday night, the Dynamo got the right result with a 2-0 win in the Lone Star state. A two goal cushion could be enough to get them through. I think Thursday's game will end up 1-0 Pachuca, with Houston going on to face Chivas in the final on aggregate.

Both games should be a lot of fun to watch.

Kansas City: The Wiz are reportedly bringing in Carlos Marinelli. He's a 25 year old Argentine who spent time with Middlesborough, but couldn't crack the lineup on a consistent basis. He was released, and went back to Argentina with Boca Juniors. Not sure how he ended up in Kansas City, but who knows? Maybe he loves some KC barbecue...

MLS: Brazilian TV is saying Edmundo, "The Animal", is another possible MLS signing. Not sure where, but he would be entertaining. He's scored 10 goals this season with Palmeiras, one of the leading scorers in Brazil this year. Could he be the rumored Columbus signing? Hey, the chimp might be able to play in goal.

Gaizka Mendieta is the latest player to be linked to LA. His contract at Middlesborough is up at the end of the season and he won't be back.

Check back here on Wednesday for my Heard Around the League: Western Conference preview.

New York: Our man Ives was at Red Bulls practice today and had some interesting observations. For NY fans' sakes, I hope that lineup changes between now and opening day. Marvell Wynne is not ready to handle the whole right side by himself. My guess is that the midfield will be a box, with Reyna and Dema sitting behind Mathis and van den Burgh. Schopp is listed as probably and more than likely won't be used this weekend.

MLS Underground has a different lineup possibility. Check this out. I think this one is more probable.

Chicago: Blanco is here, and the The Offside: Chicago is on top of it. Great crowd shots of the fans. Interesting take on the move as well. I would add the question, "Will they buy Blanco FIRE jerseys now?" Blanco will have his fans, but will they become fans of the Chicago Fire? I guess that's the issue for every team that is considering bringing in a big name player with an already established fanbase.

Los Angeles: Alan Gordon is injured, suffering a stress fracture in his left foot. He'll miss 2-3 months. Good thing Nate Jacqua didn't go to Europe, eh?

Toronto: Reports in Poland have Toronto trying to sign Polish national team regular Jacek Bak. He's 34 and currently playing in Qatar. Wikipedia says he's linked to a move to New York, but I think New York is rumored to sign every person who's ever kicked a ball.

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