April 7, 2007

RSL-FCD, 1st half

Quite a difference in field conditions. Freezing and beautiful grass in Colorado, 70's and crappy turf in Salt Lake.

Ballouchy hit the crossbar in the 2nd minute, RSL came out flying.

For some reason, I feel like Freddy and Ballouchy have a Cartman-Kyle sort of relationship.

All I Want Is You by U2 is a great song, but I don't want to have a moment while watching the Stormin' Mormons.

What's up with Salt Lake and their goofy numbers? Cunningham with #90 and Rimando with #6. I guess you give up goals when you're wearing number 6 Nicky, "prototypical" winger Kenny Cooper scores for the Hoops! Well done by El Pescadito on the assist, but Rimando should've had it.

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