April 8, 2007

HOU-LA, 1st half

Oh no, I'm not done with the live blogging of MLS First Kick weekend spectacular.

The LA pregame show is on now, they just announced that Houston will play with a special, silver ball at home because they're the champs. I hadn't heard that one before, interesting...

Cool to see George H-Dub Bush in a Dynamo scarf at the game.

The announcer said he was "breaking the seal", I'm horrified. The white on the Herbalife patch doesn't match the white on the Galaxy jerseys, nice.

Good crowd in Houston tonight from all appearances. Jaqua hits the side of the goal after beating the keeper to a loose ball at the top of the box. Onstad is back in there for Houston and might be a bit rusty.

Is it just me, or has DDR looked tentative in the last couple of Houston games? The people with the "Insane for Dwayne" sign would probably disagree.

Awful ball by Sturgis gives Brad Davis a great chance, Cannon with a big save. I think Sturgis is much better on the backline.

Donovan takes off on an awesome run from inside his own half, crosses paths with Jaqua, and forces Onstad into a tough save off a left footed shot. He's rather dangerous, huh? I think the Houston fans pissed him off with their "Landon" chant on the last corner.

Landon skies a free kick just outside the 18. Galaxy fans will sure be happy to get Becks, huh? Well, the tentativeness has worn off, DDR just narrowly misses with a full volley off a weak clearance.

I have a feeling our good friend Abby Okalaja might have some problems keeping control of this one.

Onstad definitely looks rusty, but he does enough to force Donovan to tap the ball over the bar on a break.

That's the half, scoreless in Houston. See ya in a few minutes for the second half...

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