March 15, 2007

Being Señor Bob

Between the Brewhouse's 10-year anniversary party, the NCAA Tournament and the Cricket World Cup, things have been rather busy around here.

But we still have time to delve into Mr. Bradley's mind a la John Cusack to John Malkovich. For March 25's game against Ecuador and March 28's game against Guatemala, Señor Bob has the luxury of the games falling during a FIFA international date. That, plus the start of the MLS season the following week made his decision to include more foreign-based players then MLS vets an easy one.

Not surprisingly, Bradley called his son Michael into the team, as well as the usual suspects.

The surprises, however, are what make the roster interesting.

One thing that jumps out at me is the goalkeeper situation. Brad Guzan and Tim Howard don't surprise me, but Kasey Keller? If anyone thinks a 40-year-old Keller is going to South Africa in 2010, they're crazy. Why not take this opportunity to call in Marcus Hahnemann? Matt Reis? JON BUSCH??????????????????

The backline, however, features the biggest surprises. With Señor Bob's #1 secret weapon, Juanito Bornstein, out due to injury, Bradley included Watford's Jay Demerit and Sheffield Wednesday's Frank Simek into the squad for each player's first shot with the senior national team.

Demerit's inclusion is a worthy one, as he's been a constant force in the back for a pitiful Watford team this season. The only time I can remember Demerit looking bad this year was against Arsenal at the Emirates when Thierry Henry remembered to put in his tampon before taking the field.

But Simek's inclusion has to be the most surprising of all. I'll admit it, I'd never heard of the guy before. Add this to the fact that he was a member of Arsenal's youth program and that makes me look even more stupid.

Let's hope that some of these youngsters get some run in these two games and not waste their long trip back home.

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joemybro said...

Give The Bob a break about his son. Bradley the younger looked at least as good as anyone else during the minutes he got in those disasterous pre-WC matches, for which he voulenteered as a practice team guy, only to have The Bruce decide he'd earned some minutes. Anyone else think Bruce might have found himself wishing he had Michael along at a few points in Germany.