February 28, 2007

Sprinkles: Will it be a Massacre or a Tea Party for Fowler?

According to his agent, it'll be neither. We've heard that sort of talk out of agents before though, it's like it's Opposite Day everyday for them...

New England: Nicol says he's talked to Robbie Fowler, his former Liverpool teammate, about coming to the big Razor in the summer. Fowler's agent says that hasn't happened. Who knows? His contract in Liverpool is up at the end of the season, and it's looking highly unlikely that he'll get another deal out of Rafa.

DC: There's a couple of new guys on trial with United, Jamil Fearrington and Welton Silva. Fearrington, a twenty year old defender, has been with FC Copenhagen in Denmark for the last few years. Welton is not the guy you're thinking (see picture on the right), he is a Brazilian, but this Welton has played primarily overseas (Hungary, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and France). He's a striker, which is a position where DCU could use some depth.

For some good comedy, check out the DC Sports Bog today for some insight on the hairstyles of DCU. A couple of choice quotes:

- "You can tell he's from Miami," Boswell pointed out. "He's threatening to kill and shoot the older players." Bobby Boswell talking about rookie Bryan Arguez.

- "I don't know if [Arguez] washes it or not, but I'm pretty sure Guy uses some sort of magical Ivorian potion on his hair, and it's just like Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America." Boswell again, this time talking about rookie Guy Roland-Kpene's Drogba 'do.

- "I mean, that thing grows in in about five hours, so he might shave in the morning, and by the time he gets here it's already a beard." Devon McTavish talking about the wonders of Ben Olsen's beard.

Every team needs a guy like Dan Steinberg writing about them...

Kansas City: The Wiz signed a new TV deal, ensuring all their games that aren't scheduled for national broadcasts will be on locally. Good news for the fans out there, who haven't been able to see their team play as often as other fans. Hey, I'm happy too, I missed Freddy Adu's greatest goal ever last season because the game wasn't broadcast. They are also talking to Luciano de Bruno, an Argentine midfielder who has been playing in Israel.

Salt Lake: The Stormin' Mormons are in Madrid, training at the facilities of their Real brothers. Junior Captain America (at least of the U-20's) Freddy Adu was interviewed by the Real Madrid website, talking about how much he wants to play for the Galacticos. Let's see how you handle the midfield in Salt Lake first, Grasshopper. Let's not start casting for Goal 3: Much Adu About Madrid just yet. JoJo is waiting with baited breath to sign up for the soundtrack though.

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