February 27, 2007

Sprinkles: No Busch for the Crew

No, that's not a Village People joke. I'll try to periodically give you a look at the rumors around the league. Here we go:

Columbus: Fan favorite Jon Busch looks like he'll need to find a new job. Supposedly, he's also not too happy about it either. Are they really going to go with the untested guys they have, or do they have someone in mind from outside the league?

Toronto: The Conor Casey situation should be sorted out sometime soon, although there's talk of an injury right now. What does that mean for Buddle and Eskandarian?

DC: The fans are pretty excited about the possibility of US U-20 international Robbie Rogers coming to MLS. He's asked to be released from his deal at Heerenveen in Holland to pursue an MLS deal. It'd be great for MLS, but there are other clubs ahead of them in the allocation process. However, this is MLS, anything can happen.

Houston: Brian Ching was ready and available to play in Puntarenas in the CONCACAF Champions Cup, but wasn't used due to a coaching decision. Can't say I was surprised, Kinnear's hands were pretty much tied after he had to use an early sub on his goalkeeper when Onstad had to leave. Pat won't be available until the opening of the MLS season, so it's on Zach Wells to get the job done in College Station on Thursday. Check back for more on that...

New York: All accounts are that Reyna has looked great in camp so far, and that the Red Bulls will be playing a 4-5-1, with Reyna and Kovalenko in the center and Seth Stammler sitting behind them. Did Bruce not learn from the World Cup? It's even worse in this case, because I don't think Altidore will be at his best as a lone striker. That's a lot of pressure to put on a kid.

Chicago: Rumors are out there that Cuauhtemoc Blanco could be headed to the Windy City. Supposedly, he's negotiating a deal in the neighborhood of $9 million for three years. Would Chicago then become the most hated team in the league?


Red State-Blues City said...

Blanco to Chicago...then they become the team with no neck and no class (yes, C.J., I'm talking about you). The last thing the Fire need is ANOTHER guy over 30 on thier roster. Which makes me nervous that if they have an allocation above DCU, they may snap up Robbie Rogers.
Not playing Ching on that f'ed up pitch if he's just back off injury looks like a good call. They can come back from down 1-0 at home.
Love the sprinkles, keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Cuauhtemoc Blanco is the better than every single muthafucken U.S player........... VIVA MEXICO!!!

Longshoe said...

I wouldn't go that far, but he'll end up being one of the most talented players in the league.

He's still hated by lots of people though, you have to admit that.