February 26, 2007

Paging Mr. Stoitchkov...

According to the Washington Post, an American University player who had his leg broken in a 2003 scrimmage at the feet of Hristo Stoitchkov is now suing MLS, DC United, former owners AEG, and Stoitchkov for a total of $10 million.

First thought, it sure took the guy a long time to talk to a lawyer, eh? It wasn't like the injury ended his career either, he came back to play later in 2003 (the scrimmage was in March, during the college offseason). He left the team during his senior season in 2005 because he didn't feel like he could play at the same level. That's one of the reasons he's suing, because he's been unable to play at his "pre-accident level".

DCU, AEG, and MLS are included because of negligence because they employed Stoitchkov. The player contends that they were negligent in signing Stoitchkov, who had been disciplined throughout his career. Maybe that's why FC Dallas dropped Simo Valakari this offseason?

Look, I'm no lawyer, but this seems pretty ridiculous to me. The guy did come back to play, the incident didn't completely end his career. He chose to end it because he wasn't satisfied with his play. I had a keeper flip me and hyperextend my knee when I was 12, I never had as much speed after that, maybe I should've sued him for ruining my future professional career.

If the guy was a professional and he could prove that he lost income because of the injury, maybe there would be some sort of a case. If the guy gets money out of the deal, I think this could open a huge can of worms that no one in professional sports wants. Tell Red Bull to get the Dema Kovalenko Future Injury account started today...

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L.B. said...

I ate an apple once that made me sick. I contemplated suing the bag boy at the grocery store because he should have known better than to give me a bad apple.